Since I’m often asked for various recommendations, I thought I’d create a page that provides various ones based on my experience. Note, that these recommendations come based on my personal experience and as always, I encourage everyone to do their own evaluations based on their own personal use case. Also of note, some of these links may be affiliate links meaning that I may earn a portion of qualifying purchases.


Webhosting Recommendations


I recommend Hawk Host as a provider for small to average sized websites, podcasts and projects. The main reason I recommend them is because they have a great balance of features, price and support offerings. Hawk Host offers Shared Hosting, VPS, Semi Dedicated Servers and as of recent Cloud Server options.

One of the main reasons that Hawk Host gets my recommendation is because in my research they have an above-average offering of resource allocation to accounts, meaning that your account will be able to handle sudden increases in traffic, compared to situations where resource allocation is lesser.

From a reliability and support perspective, Hawk Host has always responded to my support tickets in a prompt manner when I’ve needed, and down time has been very limited since I started using them years ago.

Domain Registrar


I recommend Hover as a domain registrar, hands down. Years ago I discovered Hover and quickly realized they were far superior to the company I was previously using. With the company I was using before, I’d often have to find coupon codes in order to get a reasonable price on the domain – and that was before I had to pay for privacy. Hover includes privacy on most domains, and the price I’ve found the pricing on renewals to often be less expensive than others that I’ve used in the past. I’ve had to call Hover only a couple times, and both times they picked up the phone promptly and assisted me. In the past Hover has shown a desire for great customer service adding a personal touch to the direct interactions I had with them. It’s easy for me to recommend Hover.

Podcast WordPress Theme Recommendations


I recently had the chance to try out SecondLine Theme’s Bolden WordPress Theme – my experience with Bolden was a pleasant surprise. It was clear to me that the theme was thought out in details for podcasters, with a plethora of options available geared toward podcasts. Bolden in particular, offered a variety of features that are helpful for a Podcast Network, and I am currently in the process of converting the GonnaGeek Network to use SecondLine Theme’s Bolden WordPress Theme.

Editing Software


My current recommendation for editing software is Magix VEGAS Movie Studio (Platinum or Suite). A couple years ago I discovered Magix VEGAS Movie Studio and quickly realized how feature rich it was, especially when compared to its consumer-level competition. Although Magix VEGAS Movie Studio is branded as a consumer product, the software has most of the features that the professional level (Magix Vegas Pro) has, and I believe that most creators won’t miss those features. Magix VEGAS Movie Studio has saved me a lot of time in my routine, as this video editing software has per track audio effects (and operates like many multi track audio editors), which means that I no longer have to round trip my audio out of my video editor, into a seperate audio program.

While Magix VEGAS Movie Studio is branded as a video editor, it works just as well as an audio editor. I’ve edited several audio-only podcasts on it without issues, and the software was smart enough to recognize that there was no video and adjusted the export methods as such. From an audio quality perspective, Magix VEGAS Movie Studio also used the Fraunhofer MP3 codec, which is largely believed to be of better quality than the LAME, which is found in many software suites. Plus in addition to this, if you’ve already got a highly functional video editor if you ever need a video project.

Magix VEGAS Movie Studio also has VST compatibility, which makes it even more flexible.

Starting this year (2021) with Magix VEGAS Movie Studio version 18, Magix has completely changed what Movie Studio is based on. The product from version 18 onward is not the one that I have previous experience with, so I can not recommend it at this time.