Project History


GonnaGeek (Active 2012 – Current)
Original URL:
Alternative URLs:;
Roles: Creator, Owner, Website Development, Content Creator, Podcast Producer, Podcast/Show Host, Podcast Editor

I created GonnaGeek as a place where geeks could create geeky content for fellow geeks. The site originally began largely with written content including blogs, reviews, news and columns. While there was a Podcast Network component, on May 28, 2013, the podcast network component relaunched (let’s call it version 2.0) featuring a much larger presence on GonnaGeek. This revised version of the GonnaGeek Podcast Network began with only 6 members but since has grown to now boast 18 shows (and it continues to grow). Since 2015 there has been a further evolution of the site with extra focus being placed on both Video and Live Streamed Content. To date all versions of the GonnaGeek website itself have been my design and creation. Of course the part of GonnaGeek which I’m the most proud of is the very friendly community that is now a part of it.


Better Podcasting
(Active 2015 – Current)
: Co-Creator, Website Development, Podcast Producer, Podcast/Show Host, Podcast Editor

Better Podcasting was created by co-creator “SP” and myself. With a sea of “podcasts about podcasting” we felt that there was not enough focus on advice for the hobby podcasters. Better Podcasting puts aside the topic of monetization and instead focusing on the other elements of podcasting – such as content. While there is currently a website at, the plan is to integrate the web presence in to a section of GonnaGeek.

Walking the Walking Dead (Active 2012 – 2015)
: Co-Creator, Website Development, Content Creator, Podcast Producer, Podcast Host, Podcast Editor

Walking the Walking Dead was a website which I helped create as an outlet for myself and the co-creator (Steve Boyd) to express our passion of The Walking Dead. The site featured The Walking Dead related content including news, bios, interviews and even an episode guide. The website featured a podcast as well discussing the latest happening the AMC series. The WTWD website was designed and created by myself, with a large portion of the content coming from Co-Creator Steve Boyd.

Project Fanboy / Fanboy Buzz
(Active 2005 – 2012)
Original URL:
Current URL:
Roles: Co-Creator, Website Development, Content Creator, Podcast Producer, Podcast Host, Podcast Editor

Project Fanboy was a comic-book based website which I helped co-create in 2005 as a comic book themed site which would not only cover mainstream comics, but also the little guys (indies) too. During it’s life Project Fanboy grew to become a recognizable community, filled with industry interviews, reviews and news. In it’s later years the site focus shifted to it’s official podcast with a name change to match as well, Fanboy Buzz. Various version of the site existed during Project Fanboy / Fanboy Buzz’s lifetime, some created by the co-creator, some created by myself.